Thursday, August 26, 2004

Goose at Sunset

I generally use Blogger's Hello system to post pictures, but it's royal pain. Each photo opens a brand new post, so if I want three photos in one post, I have to cut and paste back into one, and I also have to alter the code. It all gets fiddly and time-consuming. I do it to save space on my own server and because I figure that they'll always be there, somewhere within Hello/Blogger, so I don't have to worry about keeping track of them. There is another problem with the Hello/Blogger system, however, and that is that they like to limit the image size to 50k. I can live with that most of the time, but I wanted this image to be bigger. In an effort to get you to actually click on the thumbnail and get you to look at the larger version, I have made the thumb even smaller than usual. Hopefully, you'll squint, shake your head, and decide to click. When you do, the image will be larger than usual and will take a few more seconds than usual for dialup users — but only a few.

I took this photo in the same session when I snapped the rather poor loon picture (several blogs back). I used Photoshop to silhouette the bird a little more, but that's about it. In the original, you could still make out some definition on the bird. It's all photography, and I know that there are purists who disapprove of Photoshop, but photographers have been enhancing photos with darkroom techniques for years. If you're good enough to always take perfect photos: Bravo! I'm not, and neither are most people IMHO.

This was taken at the same wetlands area that I have mentioned several times lately.

My photo album is just about up to date. I had gotten behind, mostly because of the wedding (see many pics from this link). Maybe, now that I am getting caught up, I will get back to posting more typical blogs.

Before I close, let me speak my two-cents worth on the merits of the old-fashioned photo album. I love it. To my way of thinking, if you don't print them, photos are of limited value for most people. Gathering around the computer just doesn't cut it. I have seen great presentations of photos on a DVD, and that's a great additional tool as well, but forsake thou not the printed album. If you don't have the time to print your own, at least take them to a traditional shop. There are many places that print from digital media now.

(PS: I had comments that this photo did not look right on some monitors. It looks fine on mine and in print. Anyway, I played with it a bit more to try to turn the silhouette darker. Let me know please.)

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