Friday, August 06, 2004

Biking and Photos

I'm way down the path
We went for another long (for us) bicycle ride today, probably about 50km/30mi, give or take. We went along the local walking/cycling trails (see photo to left) and out to The Grove. We had taken a little lunch and got some coffee from Tim's before heading down to the lake.

Waves Breaking
The weather was good for riding — about 22C/72F. But it was windy, especially down by the lake. So, we donned our squall jackets to block the wind and enjoyed a fine lunch. It was simple fare, but after the exertion, and with the view, it tasted great. After lunch on the wooden platform lookout, I sent Betty down the stairs onto the rock groyne (wave breaker) and snapped these two photos.
More Breakers
Actually, I snapped many photos. I put the camera in continuous shooting mode where it takes three or four photos in one burst. In these two photos, I was able to catch the waves breaking.

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by simple abundance: to have such destinations and views so close by. Fortunate to have nice bike trails too.

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