Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wagons in Circles

Yesterday, I received a job offer to work on election day next week. It would also have required several hours of training this week. Not odious or time-consuming, and it is a job that I normally wouldn't mind doing, but I had to turn it down. You see, I'm feeling a tad under siege.

It's not that I have any do-or-die deadlines — I am retired for goodness sakes! — but I have wedding photos to work on, my xhtml lessons, and the garden. I spin in dizzy circles going from one to the other, never completing anything it seems. This spin-cycle is frequently compounded by Honey Do requests and the need to perform necessary household duties such as cooking, vacuuming and mowing the lawn. Suddenly, Bill Clinton appears on Oprah, and I feel compelled to watch, or I get hooked by some election coverage, like Stephen Harper on The National last night.

On top of that, I feel that I need to post new blogs two or three times a week, and I also want to try some more geo-caching. Meanwhile, my fancy digital camera is gathering dust.

Instead of circling the wagons, my wagons seem to be careening around in circles.

But if this is as hard as life is for me right now, then I really am thriving, for these are all things that I choose to do because I like to do them. I'm not complaining, just explaining.

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