Tuesday, July 11, 2017

De Temps Antan at Celtfest

For the second consecutive year at Celtfest, the headline Friday night band was French Canadian. Where we live, French Canada (Quebec) is not far away — at least not geographically far away. Montreal, for example, is closer than Toronto.

I quite enjoyed De Temps Antan which would translate something like Old Times. And to be fair, Celtic music is old although there are lots of new works too.

I guess the star of the group, although that may not be putting it correctly, is André Brunet and accomplished grandmaster, one time Canadian champion, fiddler. The other two members are Pierre-Luc Dupuis and Éric Beaudry. The three are seen left to right in the following photo.

I love it when the stage lights go red, and I managed to snatch a few photos.

I like the two above, but I do appreciate the expression that I captured on André Brunet in the next photo.

One more capture, this of Pierre-Luc Dupuis, that I like. It's nice when you can capture that special expression.


Kay said...

These are such great photos! You really captured the fun and excitement of the night.

Mara said...

It's as if André Brunet was saying: are you going to play anything or are we just going to sit here looking silly?

Jenn Jilks said...

I surely should learn how to take photos at concerts like this, but I'd only forget the settings!!!! I shall simply enjoy yours!