Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Trying to Make it Work

You may remember that I showed you this photo a week or so ago. It is from the game in which JJ was the flag-bearer.

The top photo was the concept of the team to honour a deceased fan, the idea being to pass it onto the family along with the photo of the man, Mr Hope, inserted. The idea was great, but to get the whole team in the photo, the Hope name tag became too small to read, which rather defeated the purpose.

So, while out there on the ice, I noticed the problem, and I zoomed into a section and took the second photo. Back home, I put the two together into the above collage while leaving a space to insert Mr Hope's photo.

But the team doesn't have that photo yet, so just in case they weren't able to obtain one, I wondered how could I help.

My new idea was to superimpose the zoomed-in photo over the whole team photo. I would lose some of the team, but it would still keep a sense of the whole line.

But that would leave a lot of dead space, so I made two copies of the team photo, distorted them to cover the page, and reduced the opacity to make a light background that filled the dead areas.

Whether the team likes it or uses it is one thing, but I enjoyed the thought process as well as the procedure, which took me quite some time and fiddling to work out.


troutbirder said...

My goodness you are a whiz with modern photographic/computer technology. Even worthy of being an AC (alternate captain that is...:)

Silver Willow said...

Excellent job!

Debbie said...

WoW, they really came out beautifully!!! you had some great ideas!!!

Marie Smith said...

Great work. You did well, AC.