Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A Championship Treat

I know that there's been quite a lot of hockey on this blog. JJ plays a lot, and Danica also had a go at the game in the First Shift program. And, of course, there was flag bearer night at the Jr A game.

But we were given tickets to the Canadian Women's League game, and so we went on Sunday. Expecting a regular league game, I was totally surprised that we were there to witness the final championship game between Montreal and Calgary. Since I am a fan of the men's Montreal team, of course, I cheered for the women's team too.

I only brought the little camera, but I still took many photos. I also took some videos,but when I uploaded them, I found that I wasn't even interested enough to even bother looking at the video clips.

We got there early, and I roamed around and took a few pictures.

The view from one end ↑ . Sue waves for the camera ↓ .

The teams warm up.

They have a little huddle before the puck drops.

It was a close game. Montreal led 2-0 until Calgary scored with 7 minutes remaining.

Calgary pulled their goalie for an extra attacker with about two minutes left, but Montreal scored into the empty net and were soon celebrating victory in a hard fought game.

The funny thing to me was that the gals were soon doing their hair. I think you can see 6 of them working on their hair; others are already done.

A wonderful thing about hockey is the post game handshake. It's after every game for the kids, but only after tournaments and playoff rounds for the adults. Still, I love it. Teams can pound each other for seven games, but when it is over, they look each other in the eye, shake hands, and say well done. I love it. So Canadian.

The cup is presented.

Sticks and gloves lay strewn where they fell. In most cases, they will be put away until September.

And there's always the team photo, not the formal one, but the championship one on the ice. The best one.

It was a great time. Many thanks to our benefactor who purchased a large block of tickets to support the event.


Marie Smith said...

The women put on a great show. Great photos, AC. This is a great post for International Women's Day!

Mara said...

Okay, here's the thing about women's hair: when it's up in a ponytail, under a helmet and you get all hot and bothered and sweaty, the first thing you want to do is get some air in the hair when you get the opportunity. And then you refasten it in a way that looks better than helmet hair.

Mage said...

Tho Sue looks great waving, thaat last photo is special with it's vitality.

Shammickite said...

Of course the girls (not gals, please!) were doing their hair!!!! Nobody wants to be caught on the team photo with helmet-head!

Jenn Jilks said...

Good one.