Sunday, September 07, 2008

Along the Green Aisle

Even the last four years have brought about a difference in photography. When Thesha got married, there were digital cameras, but they weren't quite as ubiquitous or so many megapixels. I perhaps have access to half the pictures taken at the wedding and feel swamped. Nevertheless, bit by bit I'll try to wade through them and post them here and there on the WWW. Primarily for family, I think some of you regulars may appreciate a quick look too. In almost all cases, and certainly in today's batch, the photos were taken by others. All of these, for example, are from my Bro-IL, Treebeard who has some amazing photos posted on his Flickr site.

Today, I 'll show you the walk down the aisle, the green aisle. In this first photo, you can see where the wedding party collected for the traditional walk. It shows the lawn, which we call Bridgesward (or Bridge Sward)because there is the relic of a bridge if you were to point the camera the other way. The rabbi (not officially one yet) is the first to make the walk.

Walking the Green Aisle

At thirty second intervals the rest of us followed. This is Thesha, my oldest.

Walking the Green Aisle

Both Cuppa and I walked Althegal. This was very emotional for me, and there are a number of photos of me looking to the ground, but I managed to lift my head for a this one. Get a load of the funky vest and bowtie, will ya? I think it's been fifty years or more since I last wore one of those. Don't Cuppa and Althegal look smashing?

Walking the Green Aisle

At the end of the walk, we both got a hug from the girl. Cuppa is about to get hers in the next photo, and I managed a smile while waiting for mine.

Walking the Green Aisle

Then Puff came, escorted by her mother and sister.

Walking the Green Aisle

Here, the two brides greet and are about to hug and kiss before being officially joined.

Walking the Green Aisle

I'll try to keep the photos coming fairly regularly now that I've started because I know that a number of folk are getting anxious to see them.


Dale said...

Very dapper, AC, in your green vest and tie!

Ruth said...

I do like the green aisle. And everyone looks very festive. Thanks for sharing.

marmalade said...

those pictures are great! thanks for posting.

looking forward to seeing more!

Ginger said...

You all look amazing, and so happy. :) Looks like the weather cooperated charmingly, as well. Love the pink-and-green theme.

womaninawindow said...

Her name is Puff? Perfect name and perfectly outfitted. Lovely, lovely, in love ladies. Best to them!

Heather said...

Looks like a fun wedding with lots of personality. You all look smashing!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks wonderful! The brides look amazing, and Puff looks so cute!!

megz_mum said...

Great vest! "Dapper" is an apt word - I like it.
Thanks for sharing the photos

mreddie said...

Very good photos - the green vest and tie really looked sharp. ec

Amanda said...

The sun was shining making a perfect day even more perfect. By the way, green is my favourite colour!
You all looked great!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

And a good time was had by all. It looks like a lovely occasion on a perfect day.

I have officiated at a few of these outdoor occasions in my time.

I think you were late enough into the summer not to be waving off the black flies during the ceremony, a common northern hazard.

sare said...

absolutely beautiful! i am so sorry to have missed it...
thanks for the pictures, and keep them coming!