Friday, September 12, 2014

This Week

There was a fair bit going on this week, and I am positive that you will be mesmerized by my comings and goings. lol

I had my annual hearing test. The good news is that my hearing is no worse. The bad news is that it is the same as it was before. I will continue to say, "Eh?" and, fortunately, we Canadians are good at that. I will continue to enjoy the sounds of crickets and motors caused by tinnitus, and I will continue to suffer of plugged sensations accompanied by periodic aches. It could be worse, Eh?

We began to get ready for autumn by moving our plant containers from the deck to the back of the yard. We are a little early because we will be going away for a week or two shortly and need to get this done. The plants may or may not survive untended back there for a few more weeks should they get a bit of rain, but we are done watering them.

At the same time, I cut down my one tomato plant which had fallen over twice from its container. This broke the stem, so I put it out of its misery. We got a few tomatoes (including some before this picture), but I think it wasn't the best year as the ripening was delayed by a cool and cloudy summer.

I had my last physio session after last autumn's accident. The insurance company allowed me $3500, and I have run out. After 10 months of off-and-on therapy with some offer-and-oner massages, I am not too much worse than when I began treatment.

We had our last before and after school sessions with the kids for about a month, give or take. We took them to the park and then supper at A&W. This break from them allows us time to get to some appointments, get ready to go to the cottage, be at the cottage, come home to company, and then go away again to visit family. JJ and Dani enjoyed hanging around for awhile. What with us going away, there probably won't be too many more park visits before winter sets it.


While at the park a gorgeous Irish Setter was chasing a ball with great abandon. When he spotted us, he hopped onto the bench beside me, got into my lap, and whined in a kind of joyful delirium. It was a hoot. He seemed full grown but still an adolescent in behaviour and a delightful animal.He did mess up my clean clothes, but I didn't mind.

I took the car in for servicing for the first time after almost a year of ownership. We don't put that many miles on, or didn't in this past year, so once per year was fine. At the same time, we had an extra key cut because the so-and-so's only gave us one proper key when we purchased it. The cost was a meagre $150, which doesn't seem to be nearly enough. Not.

But while the car was in, I was supposed to ask for touch up paint to keep my beloved one happy. It was the last thing she reminded me of when I left the house. Well ... I sat in the waiting area for more than two hours and left without remembering that little thing. What can I say? It's the way that I am and the way that I always have been.

Speaking of cars, I continue to have the greatest difficulty parking this one straight. There's something about the lines that throws me off. I do think I am improving, however.

I did go to the library for a short tutorial on using I had used the site a little some years ago, but may get back into researching a little more genealogy. I don't intend to freak out over it, but it's nice to know some of the data. Anyway, the site does seem to have improved over time, so I think I will enjoy nosing about.

Speaking of genealogy, I have some very old photos of some of my great great grandparents that I'm sure I have posted before. These are the oldest photos that I have.

Then, I was contacted by a bricklayers apprentice site in Australia. No, they were not recruiting me to lay bricks, but they were recruiting one of my photos after coming across an old post of mine, My Grandfather the Bricklayer, in which I originally posted this photo; they thought they would like to print and hang it in their office. So, I sent them a high res copy and asked them to take a photo of it in situ in their office when they got around to it.

This was taken in Montreal. My grandfather is the first guy on the left in the second row. There is more info in the original post if you are interested. After a sent the photo winging its way to the Land of Oz, I decided to eliminate "Montreal Canada" which my mother had scrawled on the photo. They can choose which version they prefer.

So that is the week that was. Fascinating, eh?


ADRIAN said...

That first photo needs looking at.
I think it is a rare example of post mortem photography. It was all the rage at the time.
Be interesting to find out, perhaps a little morbid but it is in superb condition even if the subject isn't.

Linda Kay said...

John, totally fascinating week! I have to laugh at your "eh?" My hubby says "huh?" He has the tinnitus and the hearing problems right with you, but I swear he says "huh", even when he hears gives him more time to digest what I said, and then I repeat it a bit louder. We are so funny, aren't we?

Linda Kay said...

John, totally fascinating week! I have to laugh at your "eh?" My hubby says "huh?" He has the tinnitus and the hearing problems right with you, but I swear he says "huh", even when he hears gives him more time to digest what I said, and then I repeat it a bit louder. We are so funny, aren't we?

Anvilcloud said...

I once had it explained to me that the American "huh" is the equivalent of the Canadian "eh." Actually, I try not to say, "eh" to get a repeat, but I often do ask for a repeat. I have had it explained to me that it isn't just volume that is affected with hearing loss, so sometimes, I find it hard to discriminate words even when the volume is sufficient.

TexWisGirl said...

those old photos... wow. :) eh? made me laugh. sorry about the physical therapy ending, though.

Mary Gilmour said...

Just hauled my head into the CHC clinic for the same problems you describe - I now have a nasal spray that is supposed to help. ? The ear bone connected to the nose bone? If there is a word of the Lord, it is drowned out by buzzing.
Hope your two weeks off are the best for (warmer) good weather and great photo opps.
Love the kid-in-the-park pics. Is that a front tuck that Dania is doing?
JG just took our Escape in to get the air conditioning fixed and was told there was nothing wrong, according to the computer. Not a happy man.

Tabor said...

Actually, it was fascinating. I will not bore you with MY week!

Lorna said...

Fascinating Week: Yes
Pictures of Kids: Adorable
Photos of Ancestors: Extremely awesome
News about ears: Familiar, although I don't say "eh", I have mastered a quizzical granny look that always leads people to shout out a repeat.
Have a great holiday.

Pearl said...

those are some luminous eyes on great great grandmother.

not worse than before therapy is a start.

in maintaining the yard, painting the fence I stepped backwards right across the stem of one of our perennials. It's survived a lot but it's a goner this time.

Mary said...


Enjoyed reading your post and seeing the old photos. I often look at these and wonder who they were and what their lives were like. Thanks for sharing.

I miss going to the park with the boys. They are way too old for that now. Enjoy those grandkids while you can. They grow up way to fast.

Enjoy your holiday. So glad I came across the link for this.

Gina said...

I am glad you are doing better after your accident! I don't know why I forgot about it!

I love looking at old family photos, just fascinating! I have some of my grandfather as a baby with his 9 brothers and sisters that I should post one day!

EG CameraGirl said...

You had a busy week! At least you've completed a few tasks so you can enjoy your days at the cottage.

Jimmie Earl said...

Sounds like a busy week to me. It's always a sad thing to give up the flowers in prep for winter. And I am sure it's bittersweet that you won't have the grands for a while, but they will return!
Things here in Indiana are ramping up for fall. Trees barely tinged with color, but temps are indicating that autumn is just around the corner. I had to put on jeans on Friday for the first time since May. And sox! Have a great week ahead, travel safely and have fun on your journeys.

troutbirder said...

Well you keep moving and doing which at this stage of life is the main thing....:)

Kerry said...

What amazing old photos. You're lucky to have these!
Congrats on your stabilized hearing; somehow that seems like great news.

We just got back from a week away & I was glad the neighbors watered the garden bc it was so hot & dry here. Everybody thinks OR is wet, but it's definitely not so all the time. Soon I will let the garden go, just as you have.

Mage said...

These pictures are better than delightful. Thanks for putting them up.

Lady Lilith said...

I am so sorry to hear about your tomato plant. Fresh tomatoes are just the best.

Hena Tayeb said...

wow i can't believe you have these pictures.. i have seen my great grand mother's picture but great great grandmother.. i don't even think i know her name

Hilary said...

The photos are just wonderful and how cool that someone all the way down under would like to display one of them. I have a few boxes of oldies like this. The only problem is that I haven't any idea who most of them are.

Mage said...

And did I thank you for the wonderful notes. That tomatoe shot is a good stand alone.

Sally Crowe said...

I love old photo's like these! We have a few but not of the greats. Both my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather were born in 1873, and evidently there were no pictures of earlier times.

Sometimes I say "huh" just to aggravate but really my hearing is going, and like you I hear better when the music, t.v. people's voices, etc is lower, not higher. I often have to tell my family members "you don't have to yell!" :)