Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Riverside Jam 2007

Guarding the Gate

Aha! A year has passed, and Riverside Jam in nearby Carleton Place has come and gone yet again. We volunteered for gate duty once again — did four-hour stints on both Saturday and Sunday. Our reward, aside from feeling good about doing our civic duty was free admission into the concert, even when we were not on duty. Our pictures from last year look pretty much like this year's: stern AC and gleeful Cuppa.

Smiling by the Gate

The weather was great, attendance was good, and the crowd was well-behaved except for the usual assortment of youthful yahoos who overindulged in the hooch and ran somewhat amok in the campground on the first night. A bunch were tossed, and things settled down pretty well for the remainder of the weekend.

While I have never held anything against it, I have never counted myself as a fan of country music. I probably still don't, but it sure has changed. To my untutored ear, some of the groups are really rockers in disguise. As I sat and listened to Desert Heat and The Road Hammers, I couldn't quite figure out how they differed from Rock. Not much I don't think, at least not in sound but perhaps a little in subject matter.

The ultimate act on Sunday night was George Canyon. Since I don't follow the country scene, he was new to me, but I was very impressed — enough to be willing to part with some dollars to buy a CD or two when the opportunity arises. He has a great baritone voice and wonderful stage presence that draws you right in; it drew me anyway. Below, is a little video clip that Cuppa took.


Cathy said...

ya know? You can't listen to this and feel bad. I think I've mentioned that I don't listen to music - BUT - live performances - a whole different thing. A good thing:0)

thailandchani said...

'm not a big fan but there is definitely some good country music out there. Admittedly, I can not stand rock music ~ but some of the country sounds like folk music.

That, I do like. :)



Pam said...

I know they call it cross over, but I agree, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. I've never been a huge country fan myself but find some of the newer music very enjoyable. Like the snippet you shared with us. And I really like the Dixie Chicks.

Gina said...

I think it's called Country 2.0! ;)

mreddie said...

That hat is a keeper and you looked very serious about your job. Cuppa looked like she would like to be without the cane. ec

Kathy said...

Yee-haaaa! :) I finally have DSL and watching these tubes now is a breeze LOL

as always I enjoy your pics...looks like you and Cuppa had a great time. Hello to Cuppa for me (((Hugs to both of you!)))

Bonita said...

We enjoy country music, well, actually all kinds of music, and this sounded great when I could get it to play. (My ole puter is wearin' out, so music kinda sputters when it is playing.) I'm glad you had a good time.

Laurie said...

Wow, great pics and video. Sounds like you had a blast.


sare said...

You and Sauntie would make out really well in Korea, what with teh matching t-shirts and all!! Heheh.


PBS said...

That's a good trade-off to volunteer and get to attend the concert. Some country music I like. I've been spending this music at the Blues Festival here.

Coll said...

This certainly looks like a good time. I agree about country music seeming to change over the years. Or could it be.. my ears that are a changing. Hummm