Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I Promise

I don’t love filing and sorting papers. I dreaded the sorting that accompanied every year-end when I was teaching. Sorting and filing, to me, are mind-numbingly fatiguing tasks. Of course, I didn’t make it any easier by playing Mr Environmentally Friendly. I would try to sort the recyclables from the trash, even to the point of pulling out staples or at least tearing off the corners with the staples.

So it was that last week found me doing the same chore at home. Only this time I was wading through four crammed file drawers. Good grief, I found material that was over thirty years old. I went through every folder, separating the transparencies from the paper and then pulling out the staples. Needless to point out, I, most emphatically, did not enjoy the time of my life.

Every box that you see in the photos to the left is full of paper or file folders. The top photo shows the boxes stacked by the house. We waited until the last minute to put all of this paper out for pick-up because we thought that it might tempt certain juveniles to have a paper-tossing party if we left it out all night. Can you imagine the mess?! In neither picture does it look like the mountain that it felt like, but it was an enervating job for me.

I can sit at the computer for hours — coding, imaging, or writing — but ten minutes of this kind of sorting knackers me. I promise never again to get into this sort of mess … until next time.


Butterfly said...

That's awfully impressive! 30 year old papers? That's a little ridiculous. See? You NEED to move.

Being part of the move-every-year movement has kept me free of such baggage. :)

JV said...

I salute your dedication to keeping unnecessary garbage out of the landfills. Keep up the good work.

I'm enjoying your blog. Don't apologize for being too serious—I'm having trouble finding ones I consider thoughtful enough to read, and you just made the cut. Now I just need to figure out how to add a logroll to my blog...