Saturday, July 24, 2004

On the Currents

On the Trail

I wasn’t sure where we were going or how far we’d get when we headed out on our bicycles today. It was 10:30, and, at first, the weather was both a little windy and a little cool. Once we got onto the trail, however, we felt very comfortable. The wind didn’t seem to be much of a factor any more.

We were so comfortable that when we got about seven klicks out — our previous best effort — we decided to keep going. And then we decided that we were still okay, so we ended up pedalling all of the way to The Grove. Parts of the trail are nicer than others; I particularly like the section shown in the photo to the left. (All of these photos are click-able, by the way.)

Odd little goose
Lunch by the Lake

There is a Tim’s in The Grove, so we stopped for coffee and turkey-bacon-club to go. Sue managed to fit the refreshments into her storage container, and, more importantly, managed not to spill a drop of coffee on our way down to the lakeside where we found a nice lookout complete with benches (photo to right for a view of yours truly enjoying the view of the lake).

Time to go home. Well no not yet. We took another detour down to the bridge, rested there for a spell, splurged on an ice cream cone. It was just a single dipper, so we didn’t sin too greatly. Or is a sin a sin? My theology is weak on this point.

At the Bridge

We finally arrived home, almost five hours after we set out, not really knowing where we were headed. In all, we covered over forty kilometres (twenty-five miles) — not bad for two old fogies who have only had their bikes for a week. We’re pretty impressed and pleased with ourselves anyway.

What a great day! We didn’t exactly plan it, and maybe that’s the key. Maybe we tend to over-plan and over-schedule in this era. Perhaps you have to go with the flow every now and then and see where the current will take you. Your journey might be just as delightful as ours was today.


Alianora said...

Cool pics, thanks for sharing! That beach looks very relaxing! I need to get back on my bike, but it won't be today. It was over 100 degrees here, which is very uncommon. I don't think anybody predicted that it would be over 100 for 3 days in a row on the west side of the mountains. Phew!

Anvilcloud said...

This is an unusual summer for us too -- much cooler than usual -- and we're not complaining much. We've had our usual two, July heat-waves. Except they were each only one day long. The past few summers have been scorchers -- for weeks at a time it seems.

Read your latest blogs too. You're a very prolific writer, and it seems to come easily to you.

Alianora said...

Thanks-sometimes when I get on a roll with writing or expressing myself, it takes a while for it to all come out on the page the way I would like it to.