Sunday, May 16, 2004

City Mouse or Country Mouse

It's Sunday morning and a fairly typical one. I do what I normally do: scan a few newspapers, starting with The Toronto Star, and read a few articles. Today I read one that cautioned about the trend to want to retire in rural areas -- something that draws us. It speaks of isolation, problems of access to medical care, and social frostiness on the part of long-time locals. It talked of being there in the long off-season, particularly in winter. But we have thought of this. We've been there in all seasons and, sometimes, for lengthy periods; and, it could work for us. It's not as though we think we could stay forever. There would come a time when age would draw us closer to family, doctors, and community. We know that! Meanwhile, we'll continue to ponder and look and consider other possibilities as well.

We may never find our ideal place in the bush, and I can deal with that. Every situation has its own merits and difficulties. I will experience the reality of human experience wherever I may trod by day or rest my head at night, for it seems obvious that satisfaction stems from the inner spirit. We humans are an adaptable lot anyway. Whether we remain in town or move to country, village or city, we can and will experience happiness and fulfillment. We also can and will experience the downturns that are part and parcel of being human.

But if we were to find that elusive place, I think I could deal with that too.

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