Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Cat Takes Precedence

This is an odd weekend around here. Sue and I are almost never apart, but we are this weekend, and it feels a bit strange. Now, when I say we're never apart, we do give each other lots of space, but I can wander over to her work corner almost any old time and say hello.

But she's off to our brother-in-law's memorial this weekend, and it seemed best for me to stay home. This is for cat reasons, believe it or not. We didn't think our old girl could be alone for the weekend, particularly when those could might be able to drop in to tend to her are also on the road with Sue.

I know it is odd to give up a weekend for a cat, but she's old and has needed vet care already in her short stay here. So, here I am.

And here she is in a video. See how an old, fat cat has to work herself up for a jump onto our chairs.

But she is a sweetie and likes lap time — a lot. She's been here almost a month now, and I am somewhat surprised that she has made it this long. She still needs a laxative daily to help her along, poor thing.

This ↓ is where she lives, more or less — on the corner of the couch. She can go days without bothering to come upstairs for a visit, but she does go and sleep by the patio door sometimes where she might catch a bit of sun.

I did contribute to Bill's memorial/wake, however, but putting some photos together. I didn't have a lot of photos to work with and mostly poor quality ones at that, but here they are. (BTW you may recall that we also had a memorial last fall, but fractured families and all ...)

Above is a framed 8x10 of some of his qualities and interests. Below is a 13x19 print which pretty much speaks for itself.

A photo of Bill with his daughter (left) and then his granddaughter (right), this weekend being for that side of the family.

Too bad it is necessary to miss the tribute, but I am happy to have contributed something.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Double Digit Birthday

I have loved this girl since she came into this world with a bellow, letting us know that she had arrived with gusto. And so, the gusto has remained, and she was particularly gustified in the past few days to enter double digits.

First, the annual collage of various shots from throughout the year.

Her birthday was on Wednesday, but our half of the family mostly celebrated on Tuesday. Here are shots of gift opening.

She opens my card

A hug from Mom with some of hr gifts

My collage

More $ for the cruise to come later this year

The trophies

She had decided that dessert would not be the traditional cake, at least not with us, so it was off to DQ.

She had also prevailed upon us to take her actual double digit birthday day, Wednesday, off school. And since Sue and I are worthless retirees, her request could be accommodated. I put the camera in the car for our travels and never thought to use it, so that's the end of her birthday for this year, silly old fool that I am.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Monday Walk

We had the kids on Easter Monday, which was nice because they had been with Dad and we hadn't seen them since the previous Wednesday. Deciding to get outdoors for awhile, we went to the trail. Unfortunately it was rather cool and blustery, but at least we were a bit sheltered in there.

She turns 10 today and has kind of reached that tweener stage. I wonder hw long it will be before she is able to look grandma in the eye.

Meanwhile she is a ham and tends to search out photo ops for me.

They wandered off the trail into the woodland.

And the ham found another opportunity to ham it up.

I got the toothless JJ to sit in the fork of a tree.

Danica spotted two Mallards swimming in the pond that usually isn't a pond. She took a number of photos, and this one turned out best. I was surprised to see two boys hanging out together. I guess they will miss out on some fun this spring.

We heard a knocking, and JJ and Sue searched for the woodpecker. JJ spotted it, so he got to shoot it.

The danged bird was facing away, but we can see a bit of the red head and some of his handiwork.

It was a relatively short and brisk outing, but it was good to get out nevertheless.

Monday, April 17, 2017

More of Those Floody Photos

Waters continue to be high hereabouts, with a geezer who has lived on the river for 42 years telling me that it's the highest during that whole time. Docks and debris are being washed downstream from the lake. Although we continue to get our share of rain, I am told that the system remains well under control.

First, a few more from the flooded woodland path that I showed last week, the initial picture being peanut shells adjacent to a property that feeds the birds.

I just like the impression of the grasses through the water.

The shape appealed to me.

Now, for some of flooded parkland, the first being JJ and friends in our neighbourhood park. The second is a throw-in of a feisty looking robin in the same park.

The rest are from the town's main park by the river. Sue and I sometimes take a coffee and sit in the parking lot by the boat ramp when the weather is too cool or rainy to sit outside. While we have often seen it somewhat flooded in spring, we have never seen it like this.

It is so flooded that a canoe was able to paddle where there is normally dry land.

Then they paddled away upriver, but even here they were over the usual dry bank. The second photo is just a crop of the first.

The flooding has made early spring photos are little more interesting than usual because, as you can see, the branches are still pretty stark and bare.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Good Easter Morning

It is sunny here for the moment anyway, so it's hay-making weather, or bunny hopping, I guess. We are having a quiet, kid-less sort of Easter, but the kids will be with us on Monday, and we'll do a family dinner in the evening.

Meanwhile we have some silly photos for you.

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Water Water Everywhere

Last year was droughtish and water levels plummeted. It began with a less snowy winter than usual, and precipitation remained low for the duration.

This winter, however, was one of our snowier ones, and precipitation has been abundant since then. For example, we had 5cm/2in last Wednesday.

Sunday being nice, we headed to the nearby walking path for a gander about, and we saw water, lots of water. The river has flowed right under the footbridge. You can see the usual channel off in the distance to the left. While it is a low, swampy area anyway (hence, the bridge), I have never seen it like this, and it was dry down there last year.

Peering into the water from the bridge.

And a few more shots of water and reflections,

And a pair of mallards were swimming where there is usually land. They stopped to preen for a minute before swimming off.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Cat Still Lives

I know that you are all dying to know how Lady Arbuckle is doing. And please notice that she has gone from Miss to Lady since we last wrote about her. Actually, she has not seemed to precisely fit any name; I mean, nothing rolls off our tongues with any consistency — except Cassie by times, Cassie being a cat we endured more than 20 years ago. Facially, our Lady resembles Cassie to some degree although there the resemblance ends as they are not similar in girth or temperament, Bella outdoing Cassie in both categories and by a wide (ahem) margin.

We came close to losing Miss Lady Arbuckle already as she has severe elimination problems. Several enemas and rehydrations later along with twice daily laxative supplements, she is doing much better: for now anyway, for she is old, 16 as opposed to the originally thought 15 years. So, basically, she is the human equivalent of about 85,

After the vet visits on Thursday and Friday, she retreated to her blanket, and we almost expected her not to wake up on Saturday. But she did, and for her (all things being relative after all), she was perky and friendly and happy to eat. Our main wish with her is to give her as many good days as we can. Maybe there will be weeks or even months, We have now had her for two weeks, and all but 2 days seemed to be pretty good for her.

And now for a few pics.

These are two of her sleeping places: on my den chair and on the couch downstairs. To get up on either, is quite a task, but she does manage. I would love to get a video of the procedure some day.

She is very round.

She is a lap cat although she usually needs help getting up there. Sue and I typically eat lunch and supper watching tv, and she is often anxious for lap time with me once I finish eating — well she's actually anxious before I finish eating. Once there, I think she would stay for hours if I were to let her. I can squirm and reposition myself and/or her, and she just goes with the flow.

One day, she surprised Sue by jumping (I use the word lightly) up on her own when Sue was trying to rest.

On most afternoons, I have a short siesta or at least I attempt to, but I didn't sleep on this day for some strange reason. Fortunately, her visiting me in this chair at this time of day is rare.

She is a really nice cat, and as I said already, I do hope that she has a nice stay with us although I don't expect it to be long stay.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What a Difference a Week Makes

On Monday, as I compose this meaningless little post, the temperatures are expected to climb into the 20s, or about 72°F, for the one country in the world [I think] that refuses to do metric.

The last time the thermometer reached that lofty height was back on October 18, which was 174 days previous, or 5 months and 23 days, or ...
  • 15,033,600 seconds
  • 250,560 minutes
  • 4176 hours
  • 174 days
  • 24 weeks and 6 days
  • 47.67% of a common year (365 days)
Basically, what it comes down to is that we celebrate winter for 1/2 year, especially when you consider that back on October 18, it had been about a week since the temperature had previously reached 20, and, according to projections, it will be almost two weeks until we reach 20 again.

... and then one considers that it hadn't reached 20°C for about a week before Oct 18 and now it won't reach 20°C for about another 10 days ...

When I went out earlier for the kids' bus pickup, I found that my winter coat was too warm. So, for my walk, I switched to a sweat top, but at 10°C/50°F it was still too hot. Maybe I will finish the day in shorts as the thermometer climbs.

Back a week ago yesterday, I took some photos of the snow in our front yard, knowing that most would soon disappear, Then, I took similar shots yesterday.

From my window

JJ is not super pleased with the location of the ball.

From the Street

Just a bit of snow back in the shadiest spot, and I am ecstatic to report that it was gone by day's end.


We did clean the garden up a little bit, but there is much more to do

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sue's Birthday Week: Mopping Up

There's really nothing exactly new to add to Sue's birthday week, but in the aftermath I want to post some of Heather's work and Sue's own effort to rescue and preserve it.

You may remember that Heather festooned the tree with 70 characteristics of Sue.

Well, the weather was bad with rain and wind, but we managed to gather most of the piecesSomeone, usually the kids, would find them lying under the tree or nearby and bring them in, Sue then placed them here and there around the house.

Some had been lost, so Heather spent some time writing all of the character traits on one butterfly.

However, Sue wasn't yet satisfied, so she re-made the flowers or butterflies that had been lost, and she pasted them all together to make one wall hanging.

The different style toward the bottom were Sue's re-make,
of  Heather's lost originals.

And that, dear folk, brings Sue's birthday extravaganza to its conclusion, at least as far as my blog is concerned. Meanwhile, Sue is still working on her own pictorial journal of the event with a occasional request to moi for some assistance with printing. So, the good times continue to roll on, in some sense at least.