Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Helper

We ran out of photos for a bit, or at least I thought we had. However, we found some on Sue's memory card, so I can resume publishing pictures for those family members who need to see them regularly.

A unique characteristic of JJ is that he loves to help. No matter what we are doing, he wants to share the burden. When I picked him up from daycare on Friday, his teacher reported on this too.

It's not always easy to know how to help him to help us, but Sue can be very creative. When I was making oatmeal this morning, he wanted to help, but we couldn't have him fussing over a hot pot. However, since we generally include raisins at the end, my clever wife had him counting them while the oatmeal was cooking.

He was quite happy to do this. He's a funny little fella. Very cute and lovable, but funny.

Now, let's hope we can do this because Blogger is being really stupid about pictures lately. Did I say lately? Update: Lot's of troubles. Here's another attempt.


Diana said...

Great idea with the raisin counting! I love this age because they are willing to help with daily chores! I think he will always be a helper!
Don't tell me about more Blogger updates or whatever, I have enough troubles each time they change things! Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Send him down here! I've got plenty for him to do!Hahaa
He's a Doll!

Hilary said...

Well it appears you've conquered the photo woes .. as JJ continues to conquer hearts.

Lorna said...

he is a dear child.