Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

In light of the injury I continue to assume the responsibility of chronicling daily events. The advantage in this is that I can feature the woman of my life as she avoids self-promotion and focusses on those miserable grandchildren all of the time. ;)

Above: this is how she bandages her hand to keep her thumb at rest and to prevent painful movement. It's a homestyle splint because everything is closed for the long weekend. It features a scrunched sock wrapped in a tensor bandage.

Below: with legs still in working order, we took a stroll through the woods at Kintail. She is bandaged in one hand but carries her coffee mug with determination in the other. As is self-evident, it was a waonderful walk in the carpeted woods.

The lady's attire matches the surroundings pretty well


troutbirder said...

Nothing like a nice walk with ones beloved on a beautiful fall day. Good job... As to location yes indeed were southeaster Minnesotans. I suspect the California address come from the fact that some part of eblog is located there. I occsionally get queries as to why I'm writing at 3 a.m. Well there are some hours behind us here in Central Time...:)

Diana said...

What a gorgeous place to walk! It seems like every weekend that my husband is home, it rains :(
I hope your lovely wife's hand heals soon and that the pain isn't too bad. Love your colorful photos!
Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Ouch! What happened?! Or did I miss that entry?
Love the shots!

Bernie said...

Your Fall photos are lovely and Sue does look great. I am sorry about her hand, have you thought to take her to outpatient AC......take care, big hugs

Ruth said...

That is a pretty good homemade splint. I hope she gets it attended to quickly. It is pretty difficult to do without your right hand. We don't have enough leaf fall yet to rustle through the woods but the rain and wind tonight will hasten that along.