Friday, January 01, 2010

Still Running Behind

Update: Added Christmas Day slideshow.

Silly Me! I am reading all sorts of you posting about New Years, and I'm still stuck on Christmas — not even Christmas really but the Eve thereof. Sheesh! You see, yesterday, I uploaded the final (for now) program, Photo Story that I wanted to install on my computer, and then I couldn't resist trying it out.

I have been impressed by the slideshows of Explorer as well as others and, therefore, been inspired to improve my own output. I think Photo Story has helped me to do that. I've been aware of this free (for those running legitimate versions of Windows) program from Microsoft for some time, but decided not to burden my old computer with yet another program.

Of no interest to anyone but family, here it is. Let's see if I can create a Christmas Day slideshow next.


Anonymous said...

Oh you will catch up. Good start. I have called on my son to help me remote. I hope he is not busy for the next couple of hours.

Bernie said...

Well done A/C, most enjoyable. I must say you had beautiful people in your films......:-) Hugs

Mary said...


Loved your slide shows of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It looks like Santa was very good to everyone.

Per your comment about the Native decor on my blog. It was a surprise to me when I returned home today, but love wolves and grew up with many Native children, so it works. Anni surprised me with this one, but it's beautiful.

We've been to DC before, but this was a spur of the moment thing and we did enjoy the trip.

Wishing you, Cuppa and your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Barry said...

If I've inspired you, you have upped the game a notch, and inspired me in return. These are wonderful slide shows with no loss in the clarity of the photos, which I found to be a problem with mine.

I don't have to wish you a Merry Christmas, obviously it was!

Amanda said...

Wishing you all a happy New Year!

Diana said...

Beautiful Job AC. The photos from Anvilcloudia were very nice indeed.
I only wish that I could pop over there so you could show me how to do that! Love Di

Anonymous said...

It's New Year's ???
What happened to Thanksgiving ?
Love the slide shows...good job.

Anonymous said...

Your suspenders say it all!! :) Thanks for sharing these great memories of your family. What a nice and handsome family you have.
Best to all of you as we start this fresh new year! The Bach

Lorna said...

You said:

Of no interest to anyone but family,

I say:


Janet said...

Of course we're interested! And I'm still on Christmas, too.

Cathy said...

How darling! And that slide show is just lovely.

Geeze, AC. Can't believe how fast the little ones are growing up.

Life is so precious.

Cuppas is gorgeous.

Snow is beautiful.

You are blessed.

Donna said...

Sorry to be late!! Loved the slide show!!hughugs