Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pull Over, Lady

I don't mind waiting a bit while people gather their thoughts and am not too quick to blow my horn if the person ahead of me doesn't proceed instantly when the light changes because I know it's easy to get lost in one's thoughts. Believe me, I know. So, I stopped and waited while she looked down, engrossed. I might have been able to squeeze around her, but I wasn't all that impatient.

My goodness thought I after a certain amount of time had elapsed, "She must be having real trouble reading her grocery list," so I parked my own cart to the side of the aisle and edged myself around her to check the shelf just beyond.

When I was easing by, however, I was rather shocked to see that she was not checking her list at all. Nope: she was texting!

I took a moment to scan the shelf, failed to find what I was looking for, turned to return to my cart, only to see that she was still at it, remaining statue-like in the centre of the aisle, apparently mesmerized by whatever was on her cell screen. I maneuvered back to my cart, turned it around to head in the other direction and said in surprised tone to the guy who had lined up behind me: "She's texting!"

He smiled, and as I turned to exit the aisle, I saw him trying to edge his cart past the woman — still engrossed in her cell phone.

We have recently enacted laws in the this province covering cell phone use in vehicles. You either have to communicate hands-free or pull of to the side of the road. Whodathunk that we'd need a similar pull-over law for grocery stores?


jinksy said...

I've noticed the same kind of hold up in supermarkets, where customers block the aisles to have a leisurely, catch up chat. Must admit, I've probably been guilty of this myself on occasion!

Ginger said...

Great idea, AC. While I don't mind the chatters in the grocery store (it reminds me of the benefits of living in a small town where people actually KNOW each other!), the bloomin' texters really could go find some corner or non-blockage spot to take care of their connections. [Grumpiness off, now]

Diana said...

I really wish that people would pull there carts over when visiting or texting. I can't imagine being oblivious to others around me unless I were to be sick in the hospital!
Love Di

JunieRose2005 said...

I know exactly how you feel, AC. Texting is the rudest thing ever-even more so than talking on a cell phone - anywhere - any time!

While I'm at it (RANTING!) I must say also I'm pretty much put out with people on the motorized carts taking up their space in the center of the aisle instead of to the side, to allow shopping carts to pass them. I'm guessing that at least some of these people are perfectly able to walk thru the store and would be better off if they did! I have seen some ppl walk from their car- unassisted- and go straight to those motorized rides!

LOL- It's not like me to rant...but there you have it!! :)


Bernie said...

I get frustrated at times by similar situations, like you I work my way around it and keep going but I think technology has a way of interfering with our "normal" ways of doing things. Some technology....not good...Hugs

KGMom said...

By George, you've hit a nerve.
I experienced a similar thing the other day--someone ambling through a grocery story oblivious and yakking away on a cell phone. The exact same thought flashed through my mind--WE NEED to outlaw cell phone use while doing anything else except talking on the phone.

Queenmothermamaw said...

I even see people on a walk, like a healthy walk talking on the phone. Can people not stand to be with themselves? I sometimes wonder though if people alone use the phone as a safety net to make it look like they are in contact with someone, in case they are mugged.

Pearl said...


and yet I found myself at the dinner table checking the time and finding a wifi signal and just having a quick peak at email...and then needing to reply. I feel utterly boorish and yet it seems so lavish to have internet anywhere, even at a restaurant.