Friday, November 13, 2009

In the Bleak Mid Autumn

Although the Christmas/Solstice song says "mid winter," at least we usually have snow around here to brighten the landscape come that time of year. In mid to late autumn, however, not so much. The trees are bare and there is very little Wow Factor, especially on an overcast day as it was when I took these photos whilst on a little stroll. I was looking for good shots, but I gave up and decided to show just what I saw — not much.

It (above) doesn't exactly draw you in, does it? I mean, I'll bet no one is wishing that s/he were there. There's just no Ooh La La as they might say one province to the east of us. Pointing the camera into the woods (below) seemed to make it even worse. Gloomy or what?

So, I zeroed in on some dead organic matter, and used some filters to warm the pictures up a little and came up with these.

Looking for Anything ...

Looking for Anything ...

Can't blame a guy for trying, can you?


Lorna said...

Now, that was worth a try!

Serenity said...

Yup! You keep trying because that last one is lovely!

Mary said...

AC, Yes, the woods are gloomy, as are the field and wetlands at this time of year. Even in the sunshine, as I look out my window this morning, the park looks rather bleak...not inviting like it does through summer and early autumn. However you did a beautiful job on the photos. I love the last one.

Thanks for letting me know about the applied math. Yes, that is what Brandon called it. He is looking forward to taking it second semester.

Have a great day. It's sunny and quite nice here this morning.


Col said...

Personally I love the November shots minus the snow. :-) The last two are beautiful!! Nature almost always has beauty to be shared.

Barry said...

If that is "trying" I'd be totally blown away if you succeeded. Those were excellent.

Bernie said...

Gloomy day for sure but your photo's are lovely....:-) Hugs

ChrisB said...

There is beauty in everything and those last two shots are really lovely.

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh!! AC-Well worth your effort!!



Diana said...

Well I love the gloomy woods. And I loved your photo of the gloomy woods. I would love to walk there!
Nice photos AC!
Love Di

Woman in a Window said...

I'll take it! The up close and filters do the trick, make it more intimate.

I find that in very early morning, right before the sun rises enough to melt the frost, the world is completely stunning. Stunning. I want to walk out into it and not come back. And then the sun hits and it's all zzzzzz and I close the door and take off my boots.

Tomorrow I will venture outside. I promise. Before the zzzz.

Hope you're well.


Mary G said...

Lovely warm colours. Nice.
This morning I had to go out early and the whole world was covered in white frost, not the sparkly kind but a solid white. And the hoar frost was drifting in the air, in little swirls and curtains.
I did not have a camera, and I am not sure that a camera could have captured it, but it made my day, for sure.