Monday, June 15, 2009

The Peripatetic Toddler

This child is a roamer, and we have found that it's best to not try to confine her too much because she knows what interests her and is too young to understand why she can't investigate.

Her peripatetic tendencies continued this past week when we all went to the mill for a picnic lunch and stroll in the woods.

Her wandering commenced even during lunch, and we took turns trying to steer her back to the family fold. This time, it was Mom's turn (below).

The harness comes in quite handy with her. She still gets around but is more susceptible to a little bit of guidance (below). "Yes, you can climb onto the bench. No, you can't climb over the back."

She is quite the tease, and is laughing at Amma's attempt to haul her back in after managing to scamper across the bridge.

I resumed the reigns for a walk in the woods, but when she decides that something in the path is worthy of her attention, she just flops down, and I wait.

The path meanders alongside the river, and this distressed her greatly because when she see's water, she wants to get at it — right away if not sooner. Although the bank was too steep for the most part, mercifully, we eventually found a way down. She was not at all reluctant to get right in — shoes and all.

Even so, I thought it better to remove her shoes because I didn't feel much like swimming downstream to retrieve them should the current sweep them off her feet. (If currents can sweep, that is.)

Later, it was the aunties' turn to direct her path, so to speak. She's not really sticking her tongue out, just working it as both she and her Buppa are prone to do.

Of course, she's always gadding about. The very next day at home, she donned her purse, Amma's sandals and announced, "Outside." So, outside it was.

For some reason though, it became Buppa's responsibility to carry the purse for a while.

Occasionally, the peripatetic toddler stops for a brief respite.

And that is good.


KGMom said...

Title of that last photo--peripatetic toddler and pooped Buppa.

Queenmothermamaw said...

I am a lover of words but I don't know peripatetic. I know the peri but not the rest. I got a great laugh out of this. It is too cute. The peripatetic, of course.

Mara said...

I like the one where you're standing and she's sitting at your feet. It reminded me of one of those old paintings of a gentleman and his dog. Sorry!

daffy said...

I loved reading this and I love your photograph, they ooze love!

Ginnie said...

You don't get much sweeter than that little Smudge, AC. I swore by the harness when my children were that age.

Mary G said...

My dad used to put two harnesses on the YD when he and she paraded beside the Detroit River - and my mother had conniption fits.
When I see these photos, I confess, I see my father with his precious pair. Must find a photo.
She is a little love.

Lorna said...

What a charmer...and what a smart Buppa to use a harness. I remember doing that with all my kids, but it was never popular with anyone but me....

Woman in a Window said...

Both of you in repose with your sunhats on - cute.

I'd have used one of those on my head heavy son...down the slope and in the river but it does look a little like walking a dog. And our dog pulls!

jinksy said...

The handbag was SO your color!

Ruth said...

I learned a new word too. I used harnesses, particularly for the twins. My mom used them for all five of us. I rarely see them anymore.

simplycol said...

Busy, busy days.. that is for sure. Love the harness. Will keep that in mind for my own two soon to be toddlers. :-)

Kila said...

Enjoyed all the photos :)