Monday, September 08, 2008

Under the Chuppah

The Jewish wedding ceremony takes place under a canopy called a chuppah (don't say the 'c'). For their event the girls had their west coast friends sign their best wishes at the party following the civil ceremony. Puff's dad has passed away, so on top, Puff placed her father's prayer shawl.

The first photo shows the whole scene and part of the audience. One has to appreciate how green everything was so late in August. That was the beneficial side effect of having such a wet summer. Another great thing is that by the end of August the insects were not inclined to bother us very much; earlier in the summer, they could have and would have made it miserable. Notice that the families stand beside the couple rather than sit through the ceremony.

Under the Chuppah

The next photo is a little closer than the first. The flouncy bride's family and friends are on the right actually closer to Althegal. Except for Nikki Dee who was being a very good girl in the front row, that's our whole but tiny clan under the chuppah and to the left. The two brothers-in-law, Puff's and Althegal's, are holding the chuppah with Puff's nephew helping out.

Under the Chuppah

Moving in even closer, you can see me looking off into the trees. At times I needed to collect my emotional self by casting my glance to the glorious surroundings. Cuppa seems to be having a similar moment. It was a beautiful scene on a beautiful day with the Crowe River in the direction in which I am looking (except lower). If you look closely, you can see that the officiant is playing the guitar at this point as he did at several junctures during the ceremony. It was quite poignant.

Under the Chuppah

And finally, for this post, a closer shot under the chuppah with the rabbi reading, the girls holding hands, and my son-in-law holding the chuppah. The funky footwear is more visible in this photo, but if you look back up at the other photos, you'll see it there too. We didn't all wear pink or green Converse sneakers, but I was keen to go with the flow.

Under the Chuppah

(Note: all of these photos as well as those yesterday were taken by my BIL.)


Janet said...

I've been neglecting you (and everyone else) for awhile, so I'll only comment on the most recent.
This looks like a glorious ceremony, and may I say you look quite handsome in your finery. I LOVE the wedding clothes of the happy couple as well.
The location makes me think of my wedding to the Mountain Man (under trees next to water). Such a lovely lovely day.

Amanda said...

AC, i just love that dress the bride is wearing!
Great pictures:)

ExpatKat said...

Wow, you all look wonderful. What a beautiful day! Love the Converse. I too have a pair of pink high tops!! ;-)

KGMom said...

AC--I find the pink and green theme most creative. And it's great how people conformed their dressing colors to the happy couple's.

Lorna said...

You have a beautiful family and it looked like you all had a wonderful day! Much of that must have come from the choice of Converse as a wedding shoe. If only Converse made 3 inch spikeheels I would have worn them for my wedding(s) too.

megz_mum said...

Lovely - thank you! I am enjoying reading about all the details of the wedding, love how everyone is so involved with the ceremony.