Monday, September 15, 2008

A Brick and a Bouquet

First the brick: Just the other day I praised Dr Best for offering good and free sciatica information on the web. I cited two YouTube videos that contained good stuff and a free, downloadable booklet on his web site. Well, I am forced to withdraw my praise ... to some degree at least.

While the above is true, it seems that the really good stuff (supposedly) is only available to site members, and of course there is a fee involved — $19.95. Maybe it would be worth it, but I thought he was a guy just concerned with doing good things. Beyond the membership fee, he is also available for consults*, but I haven't got far enough to know what the rate is for that service (and I guess I never will). Apparently, he's no Dr Oz or Dr Roizen of

As I said the other day, everyone has the right to earn a buck, but I had thought that I had discovered a genuinely altruistic guy, and I've been disappointed — not bitterly by any means, but at least mildly. It's not just the membership concept and fee that bothers me but the long, petal-strewn path to get me to the point where I'm willing and eager to part with the cash. Just be up front with me and can the drawn out courting dance. (* I have no issue with him charging for consults. And having said all of that, I still stand by my positive review in the previous post, particularly of the YouTube videos.)

But I did have a good experience with a very large company lately.

The bouquet: I recently purchased a new Logitech cordless, laser mouse. However, I soon suffered a nasty brain cramp and tried to pack my laptop into its carrying bag without removing the little USB receiver. And bent the thing well beyond reclamation in the process. So, I called Logitech, quite prepared to purchase a new receiver should they offer replacements for clods such as I. I had no expectation, just a hope. Lo and behold, weren't they happy to send me a replacement free of charge. I know it's just good business as they've solidified my support and garnered a tiny bit of good publicity in the process, but I'm quite pleased nevertheless.


daffy said...

What a good idea!
A brick award and a bouquet!
My brick award would go to a certain freight forwarder I use whose company employees couldn't lie straight in bed. My bouquet award would go to Amazon. They really are very, competative and very quick and I am wholly satisfied with their service. :o)
Good news about the mouse people. (are they mice?)
Hope you and Cuppa are well.

dabrah said...

I love it when a company I deal with does something really nice, especially if it involves unexpectedly replacing something for free.

megz_mum said...

Here is a website to look at (I am sure you have looked at quite a few by now). No specific exercises, general advice really. Might be worth a visit to your friendly physio to set you on the straight and narrow. At least they should be up front with regard to payment for advice.

KGMom said...

Oh, I have one of those cordless mice, and I ALWAYS make sure not to bump it. I carefully remove it anytime I move that computer.
Lesson learned--I hope.

Lorna said...

I wear lots of silver bracelets on my right arm---they interfere with cordless mice and keyboards...I'll be typing along and all of a sudden I find big batches of text have been lost in space. It doesn't really matter though because I only have cordless things at work, where it's sometimes good to lose batches of text

Kila said...

A replacement for free--good to know such happenings aren't extinct!